October 27, 2017

Must-Haves In Your Kitchen Remodel That Will Make You Fall In Love

must-haves in your kitchen remodel prepared for your remodeling project

It should come as no surprise that a great kitchen remodel can boost the value of your home. It’s actually one of the most valuable improvements you can make, with respect to increasing the resale value. Although design trends change on a regular basis, including these must-haves in your kitchen remodel can help your space be functional for years to come!

Natural Lighting

There is no substitute for crisp, natural light. It can give the drabbest of rooms new life. Incorporate this fantastic light into your kitchen remodel with windows, French doors, and skylights. Natural lighting is also a great source of general lighting, which can illuminate the entire room. must-haves in your kitchen remodel

Task Lighting

Just like it sounds, task lighting is used to illuminate a specific work or task area. These lights are one of the most helpful items in a kitchen remodel. They can be used for prep work, or just when you don’t want to turn on your full kitchen lighting.

Two Sinks

Having two sinks in your kitchen adds even more utility and convenience to one of the most important rooms in your house. Adding a secondary, typically smaller sink, makes it easier both to prepare meals and clean up after the fact.


It almost goes without saying that a dishwasher is one of the biggest must-haves in your kitchen remodel. Who has time to wash all those dirty dishes by hand? A sleek, state-of-the-art dishwasher saves you time while also adding value to your kitchen.

Appliance Garage

must-haves in your kitchen remodelThese specialized cabinets are uniquely designed to store your small appliances within an arm’s reach. They allow your appliances to remain plugged in and ready to use, but conceal them behind closed doors; which saves your countertops from being cluttered.

Hidden Power Outlets

Concealing your outlets helps maintain the sleek look of your backsplash and can hide unsightly appliance cords.

Deep Drawers

Installing drawers with greater depth, especially beside the stove, will provide easy storage for all of your larger pots and pans.

must-haves in your kitchen remodel

Upgraded Countertops 

Want to give your kitchen a noticeable update? New countertops can increase the wow factor in no time! Quartz, granite, and marble are among the most popular surface options for new kitchens. Making the change can bring unrivaled elegance, as well as value, to your home.

Walk-in Pantry

A modern and expansive storage option. A walk-in pantry can give your kitchen an abundance of extra counter space, drawers, cabinets, and storage options for your dry goods.

Command Center 

must-haves in your kitchen remodel Be honest, do you use your kitchen counters for things that have nothing to do with food? The addition of a command center serves as a hub for extra paperwork, bills, mail, office supplies, and other materials that clutter up your kitchen counters. You can even add a desk with a computer that can double as a homework station for the kids.

These must-haves in your kitchen remodel are nice, but sometimes you just want a little more! Consider the following additions for even more convenience.

Warming Drawer

These heated drawers can be used to keep dishes warm when cooking a big meal or keeping dinner warm when not all the members of the family can eat at the same time.

Induction Cooktopmust-haves in your kitchen remodel

Cook quickly and efficiently without the safety risk. Induction cooktops do not generate any exterior heat which makes them great options for homes with young children or those located in hot climates (like Florida). They are also more energy efficient than electric or gas cooktops which can save you money on energy bills.


If you’ve been thinking about a kitchen remodel, why not let professionals do the work for you? Sharrett Construction can build a beautiful, modern new kitchen for your home that your family can enjoy for years to come. Call our office at (863) 840-9781 to schedule a consultation appointment.

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July 9, 2017

The Ultimate Construction Challenge. Choose 2: Good, Fast, Cheap

ultimate construction challenge

Whether you are remodeling, building a new home, or building out a business space; in the construction industry, services are always expected to be done good, fast and cheap. But is that a realistic expectation? Of course, anyone would want all three.  However, it is common knowledge that at best, you can only get two of these qualities at a time. It is the ultimate construction challenge. You can have your job completed good and fast, but it won’t be cheap. Your job can be good and cheap, but it won’t be fast. Or you can have it done fast and cheap, but it won’t be good. It’s up to you to decide; what is more important? Let’s discuss how each option is different and what you could potentially be sacrificing for one or the other.

ultimate construction challenge

Good and Fast

ultimate construction challenge bathroom

Completing a project that is of high quality with a quick turnaround will cost more on your bottom line. The extra manpower devoted to the project in conjunction with making sure everything is of great quality are both expensive factors. As part of this combination, you are asking that your project is prioritized over other projects. While your wish will be accommodated, it will cost you. Keep in mind to complete the project on time, the contractor may need to hire extra employees and pay overtime to get the job done fast.  Also, using high-quality materials is another factor that will add to your overall cost. Especially when your contractor has to have them rush delivered. It is possible to have your project completed quickly and still have a high-quality product. Although please take into account, it will not be cheap.

Good and Cheap

If the combination that fits your goal is good and cheap, you can be certain that the project will take longer to complete. In this scenario, your project will be low on the priority list to accommodate other clients that are willing to pay more for a faster completion date. However, just because your project will take a little longer to complete, doesn’t mean that your contractor is unappreciative of you, or your business. The reality is your project will take longer to research, finding cheaper methods to give you the quality that you want within a limited budget. Remember, when you spend less, it will take more time to produce a quality project. It’s all part of the tradeoff of your choices in the ultimate construction challenge. 

Fast and Cheap

ultimate construction challengeIf you decide to go the fast and cheap route you will be sacrificing quality. We don’t recommend this option. In the end, you’ll end up spending more money to have the initial job repaired. Additionally, choosing this option often results in cutting corners on quality workmanship and materials. This causes a whole set of problems, especially when it comes time to sell or rent your home or business. You may think getting the project done quickly and at a low price is the best way to go, but be sure the project won’t have what it takes to stand the test of time. Additionally, you will not be able to show off or boast about your finished project, where’s the fun in that?

What’s your choice in the Ultimate Construction Challenge?

When planning and executing a quality construction project, you have to face the ultimate construction challenge. Which do you choose: Good and Fast, Good and Cheap or Fast and Cheap? In efforts to avoid costly mistakes, work with a contractor that spends time getting to know you and your needs. Sharrett Construction can help you choose the best combination of quality, speed, and investment to achieve the highest level of satisfaction in your construction project.


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July 3, 2017

How to be prepared when remodeling an older home.

You fell in love with the charm, but over time the years have taken their toll. While remodeling your older or historic home was once an option; now it is a must. Remodeling an older home can be extremely rewarding or extremely stressful. It’s not a question of if you will encounter obstacles, but when.

remodeling an older home

Common problems when remodeling an older home:

Lead Paint

remodeling an older homeAny house built prior to 1976 is likely to contain lead paint. Although undisturbed lead paint is not a risk, a health risk arises when the paint begins to peel or chip. You can test for lead paint yourself; kits are available in most home improvement stores. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) also has tips available online before you or a contractor begins work. We recommend using lead-safe practices when working on a house that is at least several decades old to minimize contamination risk. With this in mind, employees at Sharrett Construction have been fully trained and certified in dealing with projects that contain lead paint to ensure the safety of our customers.

Asbestos remodeling an older home

Used extensively in older homes, especially between 1940 and 1980, asbestos might be found in pipe work, flooring, insulation,popcorn ceilings, and even spackling compounds. Asbestos breaks down if surfaces containing it are sawed, scraped, or sanded. If you think asbestos may be present, we strongly recommend hiring the services of a professional, licensed contractor.

Old wiring and plumbing

One of the most widespread issues when remodeling an older home is old wiring and plumbing. Prior to the 1960s, galvanized pipes were used often. Over time, these pipes corrode or become more vulnerable to clogs. We recommend removing galvanized pipes and replacing them with PVC or copper. Additionally, old electrical wiring can be a major safety hazard, while also proving incapable of supporting many of the modern appliances and technology that have become popular today. Outlets and switches may also be found to be outdated. Rewiring a home can be a big task and should be handled by a professional to minimize risks.

Homes Built Before Current Code

Building codes govern a wide variety of aspects of home construction and remodeling. As with most things, these codes remodeling an older homeundergo updates and changes throughout the years. When remodeling an older home, it is important to make all changes in compliance with the current building code—especially if you intend to sell the house in the future. Remodeling a home to be code compliant will protect your investment.  

Mold and Dry Rot

In Florida, damp and wet conditions are normal and they are perfect breeding grounds for mold. If you come across a surface that has been contaminated by toxic mold, it can be a health threat. Mold is most likely to grow where there has been a water leak; look for old water stains as possible warning signs. Remember, widespread contamination of mold should be treated by an expert. Make sure to remove all mold before continuing with a remodeling project; even dead spores can be hazardous.

Aged Masonry

remodeling an older homeAny house that is at least 50 years old is likely to have masonry problems. If remodeling a home of this age,  it will be likely that any brick masonry on the exterior walls or in the chimney will need to repointed and perhaps replaced.

Of course, any remodeling project is a major task but an older home has certain concerns and risks that are best handled by a professional. Therefore, it is vital to work with a licensed and insured general contractor like Sharrett Construction. We can handle the entire job for you, from start to finish. Sharrett Construction is experienced in remodeling older homes and can update your historic home while still maintaining its charm through features such as chandeliers, classic doorknobs, and claw foot tubs—which only will seem more appealing after adding modern features such as granite countertops and up-to-date appliances.

If you have questions about your current remodeling project or would like to schedule a consultation with Sharrett Construction for a future project, contact our office in (863) 840-9781.

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Fully licensed and insured, Sharrett Construction is proud to fulfill the construction needs of clients in the Lakeland, Tampa and Orlando Florida areas.

May 1, 2017

How To Create The Perfect Outdoor Living Space

perfect outdoor living space

Spring is in the air and you’re probably wanting to spend as much time outdoors as possible! Adding or renovating an outdoor living space is the perfect way to enjoy nature while still getting to relax in the pleasure of your own home. Best of all your outdoor living space can be custom tailored to fit your family’s interests and lifestyle. When creating an outdoor space that is unique to you, Sharrett Construction will discuss with your favorite aspects of nature and incorporate them into the design. By focusing on your favorite parts of nature, we help ease the passage from indoors to outdoors. This way your design offers a welcoming space for you and your guests.

perfect outdoor living space

Add Fire To Your Outdoor Living Space

Let’s be honest, fire is captivating. Being a fundamental element of nature, it amplifies the wow factor while bringing a charming feeling to your outdoor living space. Whether you choose a small fire pit, statement making chimney, or cozy fireplace, the mere presence of a fire display draws people together in your outdoor living space.

If you have a larger area you can mix in tiki torches, lanterns and candles to create unity with your fire design. This way guests won’t feel like they have to leave the fire to socialize and mingle. It also encourages them to enjoy the entire space!

perfect outdoor living spaceDelight With Water

Treat yourself and your guests to the relaxing sight and sounds of a water feature. The serene babbling and trickling of water is just enough to wash away the stresses of the day. If you happen to be one of the lucky ones with a native body of water on your property, we can build a dock that extends into your backyard for the ultimate outdoor living space and entertainment area. Attributes like built-in benches,  comfy chairs, tables and umbrellas provide the right ambiance for lingering conversations, eating and soaking up the warm Florida sun.

Installing a pond, fountain or water wall is another way to bring the scenic qualities of water to your outdoor living space. Of course, the next step is choosing the perfect location for your water feature. Do you place it on the edge of your patio, or nestle it in the center; making it the main attraction? It’s best to consider what suits your needs and entertaining style and weigh the pros and cons of each.

Bring On The Southern Charm 

The use of natural wood and stones can add a sweet Southern and rustic charm to your outdoor living space. Elements like cedar planks, Cyprus tree pedestals, and locally harvested stones give way to a naturally charming space that has an unmatched style. Stone walls, low barriers or planting boxes can also add a distinct panache to your outdoor living space.

It’s All About You

perfect outdoor living space Regardless of how you design your unique outdoor living space, Sharrett Construction will be sure to use features that make your space feel like a natural extension of your home. A smooth transition from indoors to outdoors means you’ll feel more relaxed and apt to spend time in your outdoor living space. Whether you choose to add fire, water, wood or stone – or any combination of these elements – to your design, you are well on your way to creating a space that fits your vision for the perfect outdoor oasis!


Other Awesome Projects To Consider For Your Outdoor Space

  • Add or refinish your deck
  • A built-in grill, pizza oven, or whole outdoor kitchen
  • A tranquil outdoor shower
  • Paint your home’s exterior
  • A backyard shed
  • Install an environmentally friendly roof
  • Install a new doorbell
  • Pressure clean, refinish or extend your walkway and driveway
  • Replace or paint your garage doors
  • Implement landscape lighting
  • Get a solar water heater
  • Refinish your pool
  • Hide your air conditioning unit
  • Add a fun focal point

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March 25, 2017

3 Things That Can Add Extra Time To Your Remodel

Rome wasn’t built in a day and the same can be said for your remodeling project.

add time to your remodel romeEven the most well planned remodel can hit some snags, or require extra time be added to the itinerary. With this in mind, demolishing and revitalizing your kitchen (or any other area of your home), demands skill and is not something you want to do with haste. Planning, ordering, executing, cleaning up — it all takes time! Of course, each and every part of a renovation plays an important role, but there are certain phases that take longer than others. Wondering which things account for the majority of the blame when it comes to slowing down your remodel? Today we’re sharing 3 things that can add extra time to your remodel.

  1. Custom Millwork & Cabinets  

custom cabinets Add Extra Time To Your RemodelCustom created cabinetry, shelving and built-ins are fabricated to your exact specifications. It’s like a dream come true. A dedicated cabinet and storage for my wine and wine glasses?  A bathroom vanity with a secret compartment for storing hair tools and built-in lighting? A dining room with a custom hutch made exactly for your unique set of china? Your wish is your is our command!

However, custom wishes can take a little longer to create. While details like these will cost you extra dollars to your bottom line, they will also cost you time. Expressly as stated, custom cabinetry is handcrafted from scratch. That’s why it’s so special; it’s created just for you you, down to every last detail. have the option to specify every little thing about it. Always make sure to openly communicate with your contractor about and allow ample time for crafting custom millwork so it does not derail your timeline. Specialty furniture pieces are no doubt time eaters, but wow, are they worth it!

  1. Specialty Doors & Windows.

    It’s only natural, homeowners want to have the most energy efficient products in their homes. This includes windows and doors. We support this decision 100%. High quality doors and windows will help insulate your home and allows your AC and heating system to exert less effort. Both of these will save you money; a win-win!

Ordering windows that fit the existing window openings in your home oftentimes means ordering specialty sized windows. Yes, you guessed it. This can add extra time to your remodel. On the bright side, when you order exact sized window replacements, there are typically no additional construction requirements for the windows to fit properly. ail

What about the ultra-cool accordion folding doors and large sliding doors that fold into each other, door with custom glass?  Undoubtedly, they are produced on a case-by-case basis, which means longer wait times. Are they worth it? Absolutely!  

  1. Lead times For Unique Items.

    What exactly makes an item a ‘unique item?’ Basically any big-ticket, custom or hard-to-find pieces. Just in case you
    were wondering, the lead time is the time it takes from the order date till we have the item in our hands. Let’s say you want a custom finish, Add Extra Time To Your Remodellike black nickel, on your plumbing fixtures or hardware. Your items will need to be custom plated and therefore, it can add extra time to
    your remodel.

Thinking about hand-blown glass pendants to go above your bar area? You can bet they will be truly stunning.  Despite the fact, that they can add extra time to your remodel.

Why Add Extra Time To Your Remodel?

I’m sure you’ve noticed a pattern by now. The more uniquely tailored your remodel becomes, the longer it can take. However, don’t forsake the room you’ve always dreamed of for a few days or weeks of wait time. You will spend many days and nights – that turn into months and years – looking at your final design.

To counteract lengthy lead times, we can delay the start date of your remodeling project, so your wait will not feel as long. No matter what, in the end it will be worth it!  Customization is what sets your remodel apart from the standard ‘builder grade’ house and turns it your dream home. After all, isn’t that why you wanted to remodel?

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