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Have you been thinking of remodeling your home? You’re not alone! With available homes in desirable locations being scarce paired with low-interest rates…there’s never been a better time to remodel your existing home. Remodeling allows you to perfect your home to meet your wants and needs without the hassle of searching for a new home, packing and moving. You also won’t have to give up your neighborhood and schools. There are a number of reasons homeowners choose to remodel or repair their homes. Below we go over some of the top reasons.

 10 Excellent Reasons for Remodeling Your Home 

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  1. Interest rates are low.

    A lower interest rate could save you $100’s per month in loan payments.

  2. Homes need maintenance and repair.

    Things such as pipes, fixtures, electrical wires, roofing, paint, siding and other items in your home can break down over time. Repairing and updating your home can increase your level of comfort and resale value in the future.

  3. Smart Remodeling Protects Your Home Value. 

    Some of the best value-adding remodeling projects include updating bathrooms, kitchens and front door/entry areas.

  4. Updates Make Spending Time in Your Home Enjoyable.

    Replacing cabinets, installing new light fixtures, painting rooms, or upgrading to new appliances can all help you enjoy time spent inside your home.

  5. Help Family Members with Special Needs.

    Sometimes remodels are necessary to accommodate the needs of disabled or aging family members. For example, if you need larger pathways for a wheelchair or someone is no longer able to reach high cabinets, a remodel can help make your home more usable.

  6. An Energy-Efficient Home Saves Money.

    Improvements that incorporate energy-saving electronics, solar panels and upgraded insulation can reduce long-term costs in your home.

  7. Outdoor Kitchens and Patios Expand Your Home.

    Do you love the outdoors or entertaining family and friends?  Add a deck, patio, or outdoor kitchen to your kitchen remodelinghome to increase your space.

  8. Kitchen Remodels Improve Functionality.

    When you remodel your kitchen you can move appliances, add an island and increase storage by adding cabinets. Would a more open layout benefit your family? You can even remove a wall(s) or add a window to suit your needs.

  9. Bathroom Remodels Add Comfort and Value.

    Installing enhanced lighting, sinks, and vanities and/or removing your tub for a larger shower, or walk-in closet are all valuable upgrades to consider in your bathroom bathroom remodelingremodel. Adding an extra bathroom to your home could raise your home’s value by 20%! 

  10. Your Family is Size is Changing. 

Adding or subtracting the number of people in your home can affect the way your home is used. A remodel can modify existing layouts to suit your family.

Bonus: Unless you are doing a full-home remodel, you can live in your home during the remodeling process. Doing so could save you 1,000’s of dollars in additional rent payments.

Ready To Do Some Remodeling?

If you are thinking of remodeling your home for one of the reasons listed above, or any reason, we encourage you to choose a reputable contractor. A qualified contractor can make your remodeling project as easy and comfortable as possible for your family and ensure quality work. If you are seeking a contractor who listens and understands your needs please contact us today. Sharrett Construction, Building The Future. 863-840-9781

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