Rome wasn’t built in a day and the same can be said for your remodeling project.

add time to your remodel romeEven the most well planned remodel can hit some snags, or require extra time be added to the itinerary. With this in mind, demolishing and revitalizing your kitchen (or any other area of your home), demands skill and is not something you want to do with haste. Planning, ordering, executing, cleaning up — it all takes time! Of course, each and every part of a renovation plays an important role, but there are certain phases that take longer than others. Wondering which things account for the majority of the blame when it comes to slowing down your remodel? Today we’re sharing 3 things that can add extra time to your remodel.

  1. Custom Millwork & Cabinets  

custom cabinets Add Extra Time To Your RemodelCustom created cabinetry, shelving and built-ins are fabricated to your exact specifications. It’s like a dream come true. A dedicated cabinet and storage for my wine and wine glasses?  A bathroom vanity with a secret compartment for storing hair tools and built-in lighting? A dining room with a custom hutch made exactly for your unique set of china? Your wish is your is our command!

However, custom wishes can take a little longer to create. While details like these will cost you extra dollars to your bottom line, they will also cost you time. Expressly as stated, custom cabinetry is handcrafted from scratch. That’s why it’s so special; it’s created just for you you, down to every last detail. have the option to specify every little thing about it. Always make sure to openly communicate with your contractor about and allow ample time for crafting custom millwork so it does not derail your timeline. Specialty furniture pieces are no doubt time eaters, but wow, are they worth it!

  1. Specialty Doors & Windows.

    It’s only natural, homeowners want to have the most energy efficient products in their homes. This includes windows and doors. We support this decision 100%. High quality doors and windows will help insulate your home and allows your AC and heating system to exert less effort. Both of these will save you money; a win-win!

Ordering windows that fit the existing window openings in your home oftentimes means ordering specialty sized windows. Yes, you guessed it. This can add extra time to your remodel. On the bright side, when you order exact sized window replacements, there are typically no additional construction requirements for the windows to fit properly. ail

What about the ultra-cool accordion folding doors and large sliding doors that fold into each other, door with custom glass?  Undoubtedly, they are produced on a case-by-case basis, which means longer wait times. Are they worth it? Absolutely!  

  1. Lead times For Unique Items.

    What exactly makes an item a ‘unique item?’ Basically any big-ticket, custom or hard-to-find pieces. Just in case you
    were wondering, the lead time is the time it takes from the order date till we have the item in our hands. Let’s say you want a custom finish, Add Extra Time To Your Remodellike black nickel, on your plumbing fixtures or hardware. Your items will need to be custom plated and therefore, it can add extra time to
    your remodel.

Thinking about hand-blown glass pendants to go above your bar area? You can bet they will be truly stunning.  Despite the fact, that they can add extra time to your remodel.

Why Add Extra Time To Your Remodel?

I’m sure you’ve noticed a pattern by now. The more uniquely tailored your remodel becomes, the longer it can take. However, don’t forsake the room you’ve always dreamed of for a few days or weeks of wait time. You will spend many days and nights – that turn into months and years – looking at your final design.

To counteract lengthy lead times, we can delay the start date of your remodeling project, so your wait will not feel as long. No matter what, in the end it will be worth it!  Customization is what sets your remodel apart from the standard ‘builder grade’ house and turns it your dream home. After all, isn’t that why you wanted to remodel?

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