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How to be prepared when remodeling an older home or building

Remodeling an older home - Sharrett Construction

You fell in love with its charm, but over time the years have taken their toll. While remodeling your older or historic home was once an option; now it is a must. We know first hand, remodeling an older home can be extremely rewarding or extremely stressful. It’s not a question of if you will […]

3 Things That Can Add Extra Time To Your Remodel

ultimate construction challenge

Rome wasn’t built in a day and the same can be said for your remodeling project. Even the most well planned remodel can hit some snags, or require extra time be added to the itinerary. With this in mind, demolishing and revitalizing your kitchen (or any other area of your home), demands skill and is […]

How To Complete a Stunning but Quick Kitchen Remodeling Project

quick kitchen remodeling lakeland

The last thing you think of when you consider a kitchen remodel is how quick and painless it can be. Sharrett Construction wants you to know that quick kitchen remodeling can be done! If you don’t have time for an entire kitchen remodel that can take months, we might have just the solution you are […]

When Adding A Bathroom Is Absolutely Worth It

Adding a bathroom is absolutely worth it

People love bathroom space. We’ve never heard anyone say, “I have too many bathrooms, would you please turn one of them into a closet for me?” There’s no arguing that adding a bathroom can improve both your home’s value, and your family’s enjoyment, but is it worth it? Here are some great scenarios when adding […]

Is there time to do remodeling before the holidays?

Remodeling before the holidays kitchen

Hosting a holiday get together can be intimidating. If you’re not prepared or are unable to accommodate guests it can lead to much worry and stress. Now, imagine entertaining your family and friends in a perfectly laid out and functional kitchen/dining room area. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a place where you can easily prepare […]