When you hire a general contractor, it is a safe assumption that they will be managing all of the day-to-day activities required for your project. This includes hiring, managing and dealing with subcontractors. That being said, how would you handle the situation if your general contractor brought up the idea of you handling one or all of the subcontractors? A few questions may start running through your mind. Is this an honest mistake of taking on more work than they initially planned? Will hiring an additional subcontractor cost you more? Is my general contractor incapable of doing their job? Do not fret, Sharrett Construction has the answers you are looking for when it comes to dealing with subcontractors for your construction project.

managing dealing with subcontractors

Dealing With Subcontractors Should Be A Red Flag

If for some reason your contractor asks you to hire your own subcontractor for your construction project, you should be on alert.  Established general contractors usually have a preference and established relationships with subcontractors in many trades. In fact, top-rated general contractors will know the ins and outs of a project before they even begin the job. This is not to say that unforeseen circumstances will not arise. However, hiring a general contractor means they will oversee and manage the daily duties of your project. If your contractor is asking you to handle dealing with subcontractors after work has begun, it is not a good sign. Specifically, if a general contractor is relying on you to find or oversee a subcontractor, it casts doubt on other areas of the job where they could be lacking.

Subcontractor Needs

A subcontractor is a skilled labor worker. Examples of a subcontractor would be a plumber, electrician, painter, etc. Each subcontractor needs to function on a precise timeline with the other workers to ensure the overall timeline is met. A general contractor who suggests that a client handles dealing with subcontractors is negating their very job description. Dealing with subcontractors means additional responsibilities and added stress. Although, a general contractor may ask for your preference when deciding between two subcontractors. This is okay and should not raise any flags. 

Hardships of Dealing With Subcontractors

Ultimately if you are faced with being responsible for your own subcontractor(s), there are additional factors you need to consider, such as:

  • Finding a reliable and competent subcontractor
  • Overseeing the subcontractor and coordinating their schedule with the project timeline
  • Scheduling a fair payment structure
  • Negotiating the subcontractor’s contract 

Remember, the subcontractor is now your employee. If they fail to provide the correct job, then you are responsible for fixing their work or finding a new subcontractor.

Avoiding The Hassles Of Subcontractors

Making an investment to hire a general contractor for your project is one of the best decisions you can make for your construction project. The peace of mind that comes with knowing that the entire project management is in capable hands alleviates copious amounts of stress and worry. This includes making sure all subcontractors are licensed, paid on time and there are no liens against your property once the project is complete. 

A General Contractor Who Fits Your Needs

Subcontractors are necessary to complete a full-scale construction project. However, dealing with subcontractors on your own is not. Let Sharrett Construction lend our experience and a plethora of contacts across the construction industry to your project. We promise we will not surprise you with sudden, uncalled for responsibilities midway through your project. If your general contractor is pushing their responsibilities onto your shoulders, contact us at Sharrett Construction. We take pride in completing your project and taking all unnecessary burdens off of your shoulders. To find out more, call (863) 840-9781 or contact us online.