Major remodel or build a new house?

You love your home, some of your favorite memories were made there. Although lately, you have found yourself pondering a remodel or starting from scratch and building a new house. Of course, this remodel we speak of, is not your run-of-the-mill bathroom and kitchen refresh. We are talking about serious renovations and possibly an addition. We know this can be overwhelming to think about. Especially without consulting the advice of an experienced professional. Thankfully, the experts at Sharrett Construction are here to help. We created this comprehensive guide to help you decide, “Is it better to do a major remodel or build a new house”?

remodel or build a new home - Sharrett Construction

When you are making a financial or any decision that greatly impacts your life as seriously as this, you should start by asking yourself some important questions. When answering these questions, weigh the pros and cons of each as they relate to your family’s situation.

Essential questions to help you decide “Should I go through a major remodel or build a new house?” include:

1. Are you willing to move?
Consider factors associated with moving from your current neighborhood. School aged children will need to change schools if you move outside of your current school district. Working adults have to consider changes to their commuting schedule. Would changing neighborhoods mean that you gain, or lose certain amenities and shopping locations.

2. Do you have the space or land you need?
One of the biggest deciding factors will be if you want to increase the size of your current home. Some homes have dated layouts that result in poor functionality for today’s families. However, removing a few walls for an open-layout can transform any home drastically. Although, your home could be too modest to accommodate your needs. If this is the case, you will need an addition if you wish to stay in your current home. With an addition comes the need to give up some of your yard, unless you build an additional story. Of course this has structural implications of its own.

3. What are the costs of a major remodel or building a new house?
Sometimes you will be surprised when comparing the costs of a major remodel and building a new house. Make sure to do your research and see what land is available in the areas you are comfortable moving to. Also, get quotes from reputable general contractors about the costs associated with your remodel.

4. How to choose the right general contractor.
Choosing the right contractor is of the utmost importance. Always check references and ask to see completed projects. Remember, not all general contractors are created equal. At Sharrett Construction we offer complimentary consultations that can help you decide if we are the right fit for your project.

Other things to consider when deciding “Should I go through a major remodel or build a new house?”

  • Your long-term plan for your current home.
  • How long will your children be living at home?
  • Will you need to take care of an aging relative?
  • Changes to your property taxes if you move or improve your current home.
  • Changes to your mortgage, adding a home equity loan or starting a new mortgage.
  • Be honest with yourself about the current value of your home if you decide to sell and build a new home.

Final thoughts: Major remodel or build a new house, the choice is yours.

When it comes down to making the final choice, only you and your family know the best decision for your situation. If you are comparing costs, we can help. As a custom home builder and seasoned major remodel general contractor we can help you define the construction costs of each choice.

If you are located in the Lakeland, Winter Haven, surrounding Central Florida areas then contact Sharrett Construction for a complimentary consultation. Whether it is a major remodel, or even building a new home from scratch, you can put your trust in Sharrett Construction. Contact Sharrett Construction by phone at 863-840-9781 or send us a message here.