It should come as no surprise that a great kitchen remodel can boost the value of your home. It’s actually one of the most valuable improvements you can make, with respect to increasing the resale value. Although design trends change on a regular basis, including these must-haves in your kitchen remodel can help your space be functional for years to come!

Natural Lighting

There is no substitute for crisp, natural light. It can give the drabbest of rooms new life. Incorporate this fantastic light into your kitchen remodel with windows, French doors, and skylights. Natural lighting is also a great source of general lighting, which can illuminate the entire room.

must-haves in your kitchen remodelTask Lighting

Just like it sounds, task lighting is used to illuminate a specific work or task area. These lights are one of the most helpful items in a kitchen remodel. They can be used for prep work, or just when you don’t want to turn on your full kitchen lighting.

Two Sinks

Having two sinks in your kitchen adds even more utility and convenience to one of the most important rooms in your house. Adding a secondary, typically smaller sink, makes it easier both to prepare meals and clean up after the fact.


It almost goes without saying that a dishwasher is one of the biggest must-haves in your kitchen remodel. Who has time to wash all those dirty dishes by hand? A sleek, state-of-the-art dishwasher saves you time while also adding value to your kitchen.

must-haves in your kitchen remodelAppliance Garage

These specialized cabinets are uniquely designed to store your small appliances within an arm’s reach. They allow your appliances to remain plugged in and ready to use, but conceal them behind closed doors; which saves your countertops from being cluttered.

Hidden Power Outlets

Concealing your outlets helps maintain the sleek look of your backsplash and can hide unsightly appliance cords.

Deep Drawers

Installing drawers with greater depth, especially beside the stove, will provide easy storage for all of your larger pots and pans.

must-haves in your kitchen remodelUpgraded Countertops 

Want to give your kitchen a noticeable update? New countertops can increase the wow factor in no time! Quartz, granite, and marble are among the most popular surface options for new kitchens. Making the change can bring unrivaled elegance, as well as value, to your home.

Walk-in Pantry

A modern and expansive storage option. A walk-in pantry can give your kitchen an abundance of extra counter space, drawers, cabinets, and storage options for your dry goods.

must-haves in your kitchen remodelCommand Center 

Be honest, do you use your kitchen counters for things that have nothing to do with food? The addition of a command center serves as a hub for extra paperwork, bills, mail, office supplies, and other materials that clutter up your kitchen counters. You can even add a desk with a computer that can double as a homework station for the kids.

These must-haves in your kitchen remodel are nice, but sometimes you just want a little more! Consider the following additions for even more convenience.

Warming Drawer

These heated drawers can be used to keep dishes warm when cooking a big meal or keeping dinner warm when not all the members of the family can eat at the same time.

must-haves in your kitchen remodelInduction Cooktop

Cook quickly and efficiently without the safety risk. Induction cooktops do not generate any exterior heat which makes them great options for homes with young children or those located in hot climates (like Florida). They are also more energy efficient than electric or gas cooktops which can save you money on energy bills.






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