“I want my kitchen to be completely remodeled with custom cabinets and to be done in 4 weeks for $1,000.”

Yes, this homeowner has a good idea about what she wants, but is otherwise not realistic. If you want to be fully prepared for your remodeling project, try to be realistic about the costs and timeline. We promise, it makes the process go a lot smoother. Ready to learn how to be prepared for your remodeling project? We’ll go over a step by step list of topics to be knowledgeable on before meeting with your general contractor. This way you can discuss your project confidently and know you are doing your best to move the project in the right direction – completion!

prepared for your remodeling project5 Steps To Be Prepared For Your Remodeling Project

1. Know what you want to accomplish with your remodel or addition

Most homeowners have an idea in mind, or a problem they would like to solve. For example, cluttered kitchen countertops might be a problem. Designing extra storage space to hide appliances in a kitchen layout can be a way to reclaim valuable countertop space. Whether you are prepared for your remodeling project wish listremodeling a kitchen, or a bathroom, or maybe building an addition, or a new home, it will benefit you to prepare a written list of wants and needs. This list will help define items that are necessary to completing your project and items that are optional. This list will also assist in drawing plans and determining costs. After you have your ideas written out, prioritize them from small to major concerns. Additionally, try be as specific as possible about what you want done and don’t forget to share your list with your contractor.

2.  Share photos with your contractor

Can you visualize how you want your completed project to look? Browsing through magazines and books, or researching online can serve as a guide when you are looking for design ideas. Remember to save the photos you find and bookmark your favorite webpages to share with your contractor. You can also create a Pinterest board to show them what you have in mind.

3. Have a realistic budget.

Part of being prepared for your remodeling project means having a realistic budget. Therefore, if your project includes extensive layout changes or uses high end finishes, be prepared for the associated costs of these items. At Sharrett Construction, our project managers are knowledgeable of product lines, vendors and costs and can make suggestions to help you achieve your desired outcomes and keep within the budget limits you set for the project.  During our meeting we will take measurements and detailed notes that will assist us in giving you an honest proposal.

4. Timeline

When it comes to being prepared for your remodeling project’s timeline it’s vital to understand that the design phase can take as long as the actual construction. Often homeowners forget to account for the planning stages of a remodel, and have an unrealistic idea of an adequate timeline. There are also external factors that compromise even the most well-planned timeline. Unforeseen complexities, weather conditions, available number of construction workers, permits and prepared for your remodeling project timelineinspections, demand for materials, equipment, or specialty products can all add extra days to your timeline. However, at Sharrett Construction, our timelines are carefully reviewed and are discussed with the client in an honest and realistic manner. Remember that no two construction timelines are the same and your project will be unique. By working together we can help you can understand the components that go into your unique timeline and how to best avoid delays during the construction process.

5.  Ask questions

Some frequent questions are “when can you start?” or “how long will it take?” Although better planned questions can help you maximize your project’s results. Here are a few good planning questions:

  • How can my kitchen / bathroom / other space be optimized?
  • How does my budget affect my cabinet / countertop or other finish options?
  • Do you have any concerns about my plumbing, electrical, etc.?
  • Do you have concerns about structural issues relating to my project?prepared for your remodeling project meeting

Given these points, your first contractor meeting is very important. It allows the contractor
to understand your needs, wants and other requirements for your completed project. Being prepared also facilitates in building trust and rapport with your contractor.

Sharrett Construction’s commitment to you is to maintain regular communication throughout the entire process, so that together we can make informed decisions from the first meeting until the final walk-through.

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