The last thing you think of when you consider a kitchen remodel is how quick and painless it can be. Sharrett Construction wants you to know that quick kitchen quick kitchen remodeling lakelandremodeling can be done! If you don’t have time for an entire kitchen remodel that can take months, we might have just the solution you are looking for. Save yourself the hassle of a living through a disruptive  remodeling project that may include knocking down walls, rewiring electrical components, rebuilding or installing cabinets, etc. Our quick kitchen remodeling solution will even let you have use of your kitchen while we work!  Ready to see how it’s done?


Pre-Remodeling Consultation

We’ll visit your home and listen to the ideas you have in mind for your space. Next, we’ll discuss your available options, budget and timeline. If you like the layout of your kitchen, but feel it’s lacking the extra touches to give it that serious wow factor, a quick kitchen remodeling could be the perfect fit for your home.  


Then, we’ll help guide you through our quick kitchen remodeling planning process. Here you will decide on the finishes, fixtures, appliances, countertops, backsplash, and flooring you will want in your new kitchen. This is where it gets exciting! quick kitchen remodeling sharrett construction lakeland


If your cabinets and drawers are in good structural shape but need a new look, our quick remodeling process is likely a great choice. Not only will it save you extra cost, but valuable time as well. Our solution would n or reface your current cabinets leaving them with that custom feel without the custom cabinet price.There are a few ways to achieve this:

Custom paint – Choose the exact color you want for your cabinets. Hint: Go for a darker color on the bottom cabinets, than on the top for a larger impact.

Staining – Re-staining your cabinets can take your out-of-date wood cabinets and give the the warm or dark tones you are seeking.

New Hardware – Exposed hinges and old cabinet pulls can add years to the look of your cabinets. We’ll replace them to suit your individual style.

New Fronts – Sometimes painting, staining and hardware aren’t enough to give you the look you desire. We can also remove your current cabinet doors, then replace them with new ones.

It’s no secret that a full cabinet demolition is a big project and can leave you without storage during the project. Choosing to resurface or reface your cabinets will also mean you can use them for storage during the quick kitchen remodeling process.


Choosing the right paint colorquick kitchen remodeling lakeland can create a tremendous difference in the completed look of your kitchen.


Are the areas behind your sink and stove dirty or ruined from food, water and grease splashing on them? Adding a new backsplash not only protects these areas but can bring your whole kitchen design together.


One of the first things guests will notice in your kitchen are your countertops. Let’s face it, they take up a lot of real estate. Depending on your budget and preferences there are a variety of choices:

Natural stone countertops – A popular choice and for good reason. Granite, quartz and other stone countertops have a timeless, durable look and feel.  

Wood countertops – Although not as popular, and requiring some additional maintenance than other options; bakers and chefs sometimes prefer these types of surfaces.  

Laminate countertops – The most cost efficient way to go. There are many colors and patterns to choose from, and they can hold up for many years.


If your appliances are already new or newer then you might not  need to worry about replacing them. Although, updating your appliances does give your kitchen a nice, cohesive look that can unquestionably make a difference in your overall design. 


Extra touches such as lighting fixtures, sink faucets and crown moulding can give your quick kitchen remodeling project the extra “pop” it needs to standout. Upgrading  these pieces can absolutely unite the look of your brand-new kitchen.

                      quick kitchen remodeling before  quick kitchen remodeling lakeland sharrett construction



Replacing old vinyl flooring can do wonders during a quick kitchen remodeling project. If your flooring is looking archaic; peeling in the corners, cracking, has glue showing through, etc. a new floor can bring vigor to your kitchen. Of course, if you are happy with your flooring, there is no need to change it during our quick kitchen remodeling process.


We’ll be in and out of your home within a few weeks, and we  promise to work with you, and your family to devise the best plan for a mutually beneficial remodel.


That’s it! Now you have time to fully enjoy your kitchen. Make a homemade meal for your kids. Invite family over for the holidays. Have friends over for cocktails, and show off your new space. Whatever you choose, we know you’ll love your decision to do a quick kitchen remodel with Sharrett Construction.

Anticipating what a quick kitchen remodeling project could do for your home? It doesn’t have to break the bank. Contact us to start designing your new kitchen. 863-840-9781