Hosting a holiday get together can be intimidating. If you’re not prepared or are unable to accommodate guests it can lead to much worry and stress. Now, imagine entertaining your family and friends in a perfectly laid out and functional kitchen/dining room area. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a place where you can easily prepare meals while still entertaining your guests? Or maybe you were hoping for an inviting guest room that can accommodate additional family members?  What about a guest bathroom that won’t embarrass you, or a living room with more seating and a media center? This is the perfect time to start remodeling before the holidays! Maximizing the space and functionality of your home is a great holiday gift to yourself. On the other hand, it also goes a long way in providing a comfortable environment for your guests. And just think about your new resale value!

Tips for Remodeling Before The Holidays:

Don’t wait till the last minute.

Run, Run Rudolph! Santa’s gotta make it to town. While you may think your remodeling project will be small don’t underestimate the time it takes for planning, getting permits, taking down / relocating walls and moving electrical or plumbing. If you have a particular date or event that you want your project completed by please be sure to let us know.

kitchen family remodeling before the holidaysWrite down your wish list.

Make your list and check it twice. What has to go (like that giant wall blocking your view or builder grade counters)? What would make your life easier, maybe a cabinet for appliances you don’t use all the time to free up counter space?

Get your funding.

Once you sign your X on the line (of the contract, that is) you will need to have secured funding for your project. This could be something you already have set aside. If not, there are many funding options to consider such as a loan from your bank or taking out a line of credit through the equity in your home.

Align your goals with your budget.Remodeling before the holidays Guest Bathroom Ideas

High end appliances and finishes along with skilled, labor intensive work can add more commas to your budget. At Sharrett Construction we can help you put your wants and needs in line with a realistic budget. For instance, there may be more than one design option to consider and varying price points for those designs.  Once you see how certain choices affect your budget you can be on your way to formalizing the design for your remodel. Backsplashes, chandeliers & new flooring, these are a few of my favorite things!

Make your selections.

remodeling before the holidays sharrett construction kitchenEverybody knows a turkey and some mistletoe help to make the season bright. Making your selections is an exciting part of remodeling before the holidays but it can also be a bit nerve racking. If you need help we can guide you with a list. This list will have items you need to pick out for your project such as cabinets, paint colors, countertops, appliances, flooring, lighting, just to name a few. This list can be an important tool when keeping your remodel on schedule. Of course, we can also put you in contact with an interior decorator. This will make sure your selections will compliment your home and lifestyle in the best possible way.

Remember time is of the essence.

turkeys done remodeling before the holidaysThe turkey’s done! Sometimes that little thermometer pops up before you’re ready. As the holidays get closer the same can go for your remodeling project. Simply said, things tend to get more intense. Remodeling before the holidays can mean workers are in high demand, and supplies, fixtures and accessories you are looking for could potentially be limited in supply.




That’s A Wrap!

Remember, the entertaining for the holidays should be joyous, fun and create warm memories you will cherish forever. You deserve to enjoy the time you spend entertaining family and friends. You deserve to love your home. You deserve to remodel your home. If you want to do some remodeling before the holidays, the best time to start is now. To explore your options for a new kitchen, bathroom, guest room, or other project Sharrett Construction is just a phone call away 863-840-9781.

remodeling before the holidays cta


Sharrett Construction has been helping homeowners throughout Florida complete their home remodels on time & on budget since 2010.  To learn more about our company, or services just give us a call or leave a message through our website.  We’ll  be happy to answer all of your questions while letting you know a realistic timeline and completion date. The holidays will be here before we know it, give yourself and your family the best gift this season – a newly updated home!