In the world of home improvement, most projects begin with a do-it-yourself, (or DIY) idea. Sure DIY home improvements can seem simple enough on a 30 minute TV show or one page magazine article. But if you’ve actually tried one you probably know from first hand experience; their implied simplicity is not always what it seems and it can be quite time consuming. Thankfully, there are general contractors in your area (allow us to name drop a little here; Sharrett Construction) who are qualified to turn your DIY ideas into a reality. In this article we’ll give you the best reasons to hire a general contractor for your home or business construction projects.

Hire a General Contractor for These Amazing Benefits

The benefits of hiring a professional contractor are great and can ensure your project gets completed with some of your sanity still left in tact. A professional contractor will:

  • Manage the entire project; start to finishThe best reasons to hire a general contractor team managment
  • Get the project on completed on time
  • Make sure the project stays on budget
  • Meet all your specifications. 
  • Alleviates stress by hiring all the proper skilled tradespeople necessary to get the job done right.
    • Example, If waterline needs to be moved, a qualified plumber will be hired by the contractor.
    • If there is wiring that needs to be done, the best electrician will be brought in to complete the task.

Note: General contractors have established their businesses around building relationships with reputable, skilled laborers. They know who can get the job done right, at the best price and on time. A good general contractor will listen to your family’s wants and needs and produce a finished product that you will love for years to come. This is a huge benefit as it takes a lot of the burden off of your shoulders. Of course you will still communicate with your general contractor about important decisions but they’re responsible for the rest.

Can I Be My Own General Contractor?

best Reasons to hire a general contractor diy nightmare Trying to be your own general contractor can be an adventurous and worthwhile experience. It also can be a complicated, technical, stressful and time-consuming commitment. Hiring an experienced professional to handle your construction project can be an excellent decision. Here are a few more reasons to hire a general contractor:

  • You don’t have years of experience in the home building processes.
    Building a home is a complex activity. Consider your ability to manage multiple subcontractors and the overall process to reach your desired end result. Do you know the order in which activities must be completed, and have the technical know-how to oversee the construction? A general contractor is familiar with the big-picture and smaller details that are equally important.
  • Building homes and construction management is not your “day job.”
    This can make the extra demand for your time unbearable. And we bet you have a family best reasons to hire a general contractorwho enjoys spending time with you too. Just as you have expertise in your line of work, general contractors are proficient at managing construction projects. Are you certain you could secure all necessary permits needed to complete your project? Build everything to the exact specifications of your plans and local building codes? And schedule all the inspections by various agencies?
  • You are not prepared to handle every issue that comes up. This priceless benefit alone is a great reason to hire a general contractor. Tiny mistakes can turn into much larger problems if they are not handled quickly and effectively. A contractor spends much of their day smoothing out any problems that may pop up. This makes sure your project runs smoothly. Don’t tear your hair out over the small details, leave it to a professional! 

Choosing the right General Contractor

So you’ve decided that you want to hire a general contractor. How do you choose the right one? Before you hire a general contractor make sure they are:


By law contractors are required to be professionally licensed. This license is a guarantee to homeowners that they are hiring someone who is qualified.


When searching for the right general contractor, ask past their customers about their experiences. Was the job completed on time? Did it stay within budget? Were the workers friendly and have good rapport?  A good contractor will be happy to share a few of their past clients with you. Bonus, you may already know someone has worked with the contractor you are looking to hire; ask around!


An insured general contractor is a huge benefit for homeowners and the contractor alike. In the event that something is damaged, the insurance would cover the damages. Yes, a contractor’s job is to fix things, not break them but an insured contractor is great peace of mind! This is also another great reason not to be your own general contractor.

Success Ahead!

Now that know the best reasons to hire a general contractor, reasons you shouldn’t DIY and how to hire a great one, we think you are on your way to a very successful project. Best reasons to hire a general contractor Sharrett Construction LakelandWhether remodeling your home, building out an office space or you have another construction project you’ve been eyeing, we would love to meet with you. At Sharrett Construction, we believe your project begins before the first print is drawn or the first board is cut. We build relationships with our customers and your needs are our number one priority. Every job we quote includes a timeline, an allowance budget and a quality guarantee. You can count on us, because we are here to build your trust. Give us a call: 863-840-9781